mercoledì, agosto 01, 2018

Un matematico italiano vince la medaglia Fields!

Un matematico italiano vince la medaglia Fields! Non succedeva da 44 anni.

Di che cosa si occupa esattamente Alessio Figalli, medaglia Fields 2018?

Breve biografia scientifico-professionale di Alessio Figalli e alcuni materiali di approfondimento.

Gli altri vincitori sono: Caucher Birkar, Peter Scholze e Akshay Venkatesh.

Caucher BirkarUniversity of Cambridge-"for his proof of the boundedness of Fano varieties and for contributions to the minimal model program"
Alessio FigalliSwiss Federal Institute of Technology ZurichSwiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich"for his contributions to the theory of optimal transport, and its application to partial differential equations, metric geometry, and probability"
Peter Scholze"for transforming arithmetic algebraic geometry over p-adic fields through his introduction of perfectoid spaces, with application to galois representations and for the development of new cohomology theories."
Akshay Venkatesh"for his synthesis of analytic number theory, homogeneous dynamics, topology, and representation theory, which has resolved long-standing problems in areas such as the equidistribution of arithmetic objects."[94]

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